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Industry professionals have long struggled to get optimal and repeatable performance from their process analyzers due to problems in the sampling system. This book guides the reader through all the major concepts of sample system design and maintenance, and helps troubleshoot common errors. Covering everything from core principles to complete system design, it will be helpful to anyone working on process analyzers and their sampling systems.

The book includes the following chapters:

01: Introduction to Sampling
sample of sci-file from industrial sampling systems book02: The Core Principles of Sample System Design
03: Evaluation and Design of Sample Transport Lines
04: Location and Design of Process Sampling Taps
05: Preconditioning the Process Sample
06: Controlling Sample Flow
07: Controlling Sample Pressure
08: Sample Temperature Control
09: Change of State
10: Sample Conditioning and Disposal
11: Sample Isolation and Switching Systems
12: The Future of Process Sampling
Appendix A: Measures, Units and Calculations
Appendix B: Glossary
Appendix C: Bibliography

Case files, design tips, section summaries and self-assessment questions help guide you through the book and test your knowledge and understanding along the way. The book also includes a comprehensive glossary and bibliography. To get more information or to order a book, contact your local Swagelok sales & service center.

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Meet the Author

"Tony's new book is a testament to his years of dedication to the Process Control Industry, and his passion for the subject of process analyzer installations. He has completed a Herculean endeavor in capturing the knowledge acquired over decades of experience and clearly explaining the subject to both novice and experienced practitioners. There is no doubt that this book will be the industry reference for years to come."

Phil Harris B.Sc. M.Sc.
Senior Scientific Consultant
Calgary, Alberta, Canada