• What’s the most used system design for introducing a calibration sample to the analyzer?
  • How do I calculate time delay for my system?
  • Are my measurements useful even if they aren’t totally accurate?

If you design or maintain industrial process sampling systems, you face questions like these each and every day. Do you ever wish there was a single reference you could consult to help steer you through the complexities of your system?

The engineer in charge of designing these sampling systems and the technician managing them must be highly trained and experienced. Sampling system mistakes are always costly, sometimes dangerous, and often go undetected. Incredibly, few colleges and universities offer sampling system design in their curricula. Perhaps it’s because little has been written that could appropriately be used as a textbook ... until now.

Authored by Tony Waters, acknowledged by many as the leading expert in the design of sampling systems, Industrial Sampling Systems captures the experience and knowledge Tony has acquired during a career of more than 50 years. Its balance of theory and practical examples makes it the perfect reference for students, as well as experienced sampling system engineers, designers, and technicians. Each of the 12 chapters in the book covers a different aspect of a sample system and includes photos, drawings, tables and graphs, as well as a comprehensive glossary.

Swagelok Company is proud to be a part of the creation of this work and believes firmly that it will prove to be a valuable resource for those who are charged with the critical responsibility of designing, installing, and maintaining process analyzer systems. You, the reader, are the final judge, of course, and we welcome your comments and feedback as you put this reference to work. You can also send us an email at industrialsamplingsystembook@swagelok.com.

Meet the Author

"Tony's new book is a testament to his years of dedication to the Process Control Industry, and his passion for the subject of process analyzer installations. He has completed a Herculean endeavor in capturing the knowledge acquired over decades of experience and clearly explaining the subject to both novice and experienced practitioners. There is no doubt that this book will be the industry reference for years to come."

Phil Harris B.Sc. M.Sc.
Senior Scientific Consultant
Calgary, Alberta, Canada

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